• "Julia Blackburn's book gives a far more complete idea of Holiday as an artist than anything else I have read"

  • "This is a raw, true book that evokes not just the life of the great singer Billie Holiday but an entire jazz era.... Blackburn's compelling tale is of whores, drug-pushers, bent policemen and crooked lawyers as well as brilliant musicians, and she brings alive everything she touches"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "This addition to the tide of Billie Holiday books is extremely welcome. Nowhere else is the context of her life and work so vividly captured"

    Toni Morrison
  • "Full of vigour and colour...Ms Blackburn's portrait of a unique artist is moving, revealing and quite unforgettable"

  • "Julia Blackburn...has contributed much to the legacy of a remarkable human being"

    New Statesman