• "I can think of few biographies that are as unputdownable as a novel, but Selina Hastings has produced one: fluidly written, witty, detached yet utterly gripping-deeply touching: a triumph of the biographer's art"

  • "A funny and marvellously readable study of a woman who was incurably addicted to love"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "Finely textured, exceptionally perceptive and wonderfully readable-the best possible tribute; an understanding, clear-eyed portrait"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "So intelligently written that you linger over the phrasing, her account blends wit, mischief, gossip, acuity and admiration... Shrewd, relaxed, understanding, stylish and not to be missed"

    Sunday Times
  • "Careful and sympathetic - striking a delicate balance between factual detail and evocative description"


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