• "Compassionate, amusing, sardonic and highly intelligent"

    Michael Ignatieff, Independent on Sunday
  • "Isabel Fonseca's book is literally a revelation: a hidden world - at once ignored and secretive, persecuted and unknown - is uncovered in these absorbing pages. She writes with grace, insight and passion, and peoples her text with vibrant characters brought vividly to life. It is a magnificent achievement"

    Salman Rushdie
  • "A grand panorama of European gypsydom, its history, its present condition and its future prospects"

    Jan Morris, Sunday Times
  • "A passionate and dramatic defence of the defenceless... This beautifully written story speaks in a way of all who do not want to submit to he reverses of fortune, who seek their own place on earth"

    Ryszard Kapuscinski
  • "An utterly fascinating, and even inspiring, book"

    Edward Mortimer, Financial Times

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