• "Some of the greatest words ever written on thwarted love since Romeo and Juliet"

    The Times
  • "A powerful novel which brings two troubled and brilliant people back to life"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "A razor-sharp blade of light... This is fiction's raising of Lazarus, miraculous, touched with wonder, grace and utter, steadfast belief in the life being resurrected... A work of intense, unflinching passion and conviction, written with Galloway's heart's blood"

    The Times
  • "Janice Galloway's exciting, vibrant third novel proves a virtuoso piece of storytelling...this obvious Booker contender is as compelling as the tormented players and music that inspired it"

    Eileen Battersby, Irish Times
  • "You read Clara and you catch the music of another mind, and wherever it comes from Janice Galloway plays the notes to what sounds very much like perfection. This is a virtuoso performance"