• "A martial arts Nick Hornby, Miller is illuminating about the ability to transform oneself no matter what the circumstances"

    The Times
  • "Easygoing but unflippant, formless yet rigorous. Solid reporting and sumptuous storytelling. Miller's is an American voice attractive to Brits"

    Tim Birch, The Guardian
  • "I loved Davis Miller's The Tao of Bruce Lee, a book about hero worship"

    Tony Parsons, author Man and Boy, Daily Mail
  • "This fantastic second book by Miller runs deeper than an account of the author growing up as a 'karate kid' in the early 1970s. It is equally a study of the nature and role of the hero in popular culture, a poignant and unusual coming-of-age story, and an informative biography of Bruce Lee"

    Ted Leventhal, Booklist
  • "Davis Miller continues to invent a powerful new form of writing"

    Richard Martyn, Toronto Star