• "Marvellous...the writing is pungent, the antics uproarious, the humour suitably black, the wit sharp as a hypodermic"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Mr Vonnegut knows a great deal about what is probably the largest massacre in modern history - the fire-bombing of Dresden in 1945. Slaughterhouse Five is a reaction to the event by one of our most gifted and incisive novelists. A work of keen literary artistry"

    Joseph Heller, author of 'Catch-22'
  • "The individuality of Vonnegut's style is a curious yet perfect match for the pain of the emotional content. A humane, human book that always remains a work of art rather than biography, no matter how apparent the author's presence"

    Kate Atkinson
  • " of the writers who map our landscapes for us, who give names to the places we know best"

    Doris Lessing
  • "There are writers who create a lot of readers, and there are writers who create a lot of writers, and Vonnegut was both"

    Jonathan Safran Foer