• "Barney's Version belongs in the very front ranks of Jewish comic novels, a crowded field to begin with...Barney's Version is a rambling social satire, a breathless romp through the second half of the 20th century, and finally the celebration of a complicated and sensual life that is, if not well-lived, then certainly lived to the fullest"

    Washington Post
  • "The funniest book of the year, and maybe the saddest...Mordecai Richler never [wrote] with greater voice or more puckish verve. Barney Panofsky is his mouthpiece, truth, lies and lousy memory are his aces, every card in the deck is a picture, every rasp shoots an arc of grievance: bile with style... You will love it, laugh with it, and treasure it"

    Scotland on Sunday
  • "A delightfully curmudgeonly mock memoir, describing the life of one Barney Panofsky, a boozy Montreal Jew, from Paris atelier-bound aspirant to writer circa 1950 to present...An enticing, intelligent and bloody funny non-PC read"

    Time Out
  • "The novel is richly comic until its tragic end, when what has been a largely between-the-lines wisdom moves to the centre stage of a story that is ultimately about ageing and mortality"

    Sunday Times
  • "The narrator of Richler's new novel is as much a figure of satire as a satirist. He is a complex, endearing, at times plain frightening old reprobate and one of Richler's finest creations... Richler is magiserially in command of his material"

    Kate Emck, Guardian