• "Frequently brilliant, funny, thoughtful, iconoclastic, and a delight to read. Barnes is like a worldly, secular reincarnation of a medieval gloss-writer on sacred texts, and what he offers us is the novel as footnote to history, as subversion of the given, as brilliant, elaborate doodle around the margins of what we think about what we think we know"

    Salman Rushdie, Observer
  • "There is more moral and intellectual fodder, and more jokes, here than you will read in a month of Sundays...storytelling and teaching which captivate, liberate, and above all, enchant"

    Financial Times
  • "You will want to read it again and again, and why not? - there's nothing around to touch it"

    Anne Smith, Literary Review
  • "This is a novel like no other - provocative, superbly funny, a wonderful and most original the reader a sense of ebullient, whooping joy"

  • "Barnes has created something unique in his work: a particular way of looking at life, at words, at relationships"

    Financial Times