David Boring

Daniel Clowes

Discover the adventures of David Boring in this electrifying new graphic novel from the author of Ghost World

David Boring is a nineteen-year-old security guard with a tortured inner life and an obsessive nature. When he meets the girl of his dreams, things begin to go awry: what seems too good to be true apparently is, and what seems truest in Boring's life is that, given the right set of circumstances (in this case a sensational cascade of vengeance, humiliation and murder), the primal nature of mankind will come inexorably to the fore.

'Imagine a tilted comic-book homage to Hitchcock's Vertigo, but with religious cults, fetishistic scrapbooks and scenes of underwater coupling' - Guardian

  • Jonathan Cape
  • Published 7th November 2002
  • 132 Pages
  • 193mm x 259mm x 10mm
  • 403g
  • £14.99