• "Her best work exhibits a lyrical acuity which is both purifying and redemptive. She sees description as a means to catharsis, and the end result is impossible to forget... Her poetry is remarkable for its candour, its eroticism, and its power to move"

    David Leavitt
  • "Olds remains too little-known in the UK...readers new to her will be astounded"

    Kate Clanchy, Independent
  • "If any reading is 'essential', this is it"

    Carol Rumens
  • "Sharon Olds explores her own experience with an intransigent honesty and fiery dignity. The reader might flinch at the intimacy, but Olds strikes straight out for the truth"

    Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times
  • "The attention to line, the superbly focused detail, the way her autobiographical detail strikes, shines, deepens, spreads: this, surely is the sound the confessional hordes have been trying to utter since Lowell, the right road that is missed so easily"

    Glyn Maxwell