• "The best, most sincere writer I've ever read"

    Kurt Vonnegut
  • "Breece D’J Pancake left behind an astonishing achievement. He was a master of a distinctly American vernacular, which he used to remind us of all the ways that fiction could teach us about ourselves. These stories are absolutely essential reading"

    Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds
  • "This is an exceptional voice; gritty, mordant, invested with the texture of stroked reality; urgent and haunting"

    Margaret Atwood
  • "Muscular, precise, lyric and unforgettable… Utterly singular"

    Eileen Battersby, Irish Times
  • "Simple, rich with dialogue and precious"

    Anna Fielding, Stylist
  • "[Pancake’s] words…combined with an unsparing vision of humanity create the spine-tingling sense that you’re reading an original"

    Max Liu, Independent
  • "Haunting brilliance"

    John Dugdale, Literary Review
  • "By any standards, [the story “Trilobites”] is a masterpiece; that it is an artistic debut is astonishing… To say that Breece D’J Pancake is not well enough known is a massive understatement… Quite simply, a literary genius"

    John Burnside, Guardian
  • "Impressive"

    Philip Maughan, New Statesman