• "Brilliantly entertaining… Richly detailed, impeccably researched… Written with a light touch and full of human sympathy… A landmark royal biography"

    Anne Chisholm, Sunday Telegraph
  • "This is not only the best biography of King Edward VII; it’s also the best book about royalty ever published… Vivid, detailed and original"

    Piers Brendon, Independent
  • "Paints the story of Edward VII and his long, hectic life as Prince of Wales in vivid colours: no scandal is left unturned, and yet the depth and authenticity of the research make it clear that this is a serious, even magesterial work"

    Antonia Fraser, Sunday Telegraph (Books of the Year)
  • "Hugely entertaining from first page to last... It is also scholarly and revealing"

    Miriam Gross, Evening Standard (Books of the Year)
  • "A model of how royal biographies should be written... impeccably researched, with much new material, balanced, sensible, disrespectful without being offensive, funny, and a vivid portrait of one of Britain’s most underrated and understudied monarchs"

    Philip Ziegler, Spectator (Books of the Year)