• An unforgettable journey into criminal behaviour that takes me back to my own childhood fantasies

    Malcolm McLaren, Guardian
  • The power of [Dickens] is so amazing, that the reader at once becomes his captive

    William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Dickens is huge - like the sky. Pick any page of Dickens and it's immediately recognizable as him, yet he might be doing social satire, or farce, or horror, or a psychological study of a murderer - or any combination of these

    Susanna Clarke
  • The image of little Oliver Twist victimised by poverty, almost seduced by the specious excitement of crime, and then offered the possibility of a lucrative career in authorship is always compelling

  • We leave him most reluctantly, and so will every reader who has any capacity to see and feel whatsoever is most loveable, hateful, or laughable, in the character of the everyday life about him


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