• "His is a consummate artist's vision that matches landscape and people and story; his is an artist's ear able to hear preliterate song as well as local speech and adolescent slang. With great skill he has wielded these into tales uniquely blending rustic vigour and classical economy of diction. They have won him a place in the company of English writers"

    Ralph Elliott, Labrys 7
  • "Garner is his own man... taut, powerful and credible"

    Penelope Lively
  • "His work has a symphonic quality unique in fiction"

    Jacky Gillott, The Times
  • "Alan Garner's themes are huge, urgent, compassionate, his voice distinguished by clarity, compression, precision, depth of feeling and sharpness of thought"

    Neil Philip in A Fine Anger: A Critical Introduction to the Work of Alan Garner