Always In The Running

Manchester United Dream Team

Jim White, White

Law, Best and Charlton: the names may slip off the tongue with practised ease, but they don't make it into the Manchester United dream team as selected by Jim White, critically acclaimed author of Are You Watching, Liverpool?. Instead, we have the real heroes of the terraces: Schmeichel, Buchan, Bruce, McGrath, Morgan, Hill, Robson, Whiteside, Giggs, Hughes, Cantona and manager Alex Ferguson. This is the post-Busby squad of bad boys, wide boys and hard boys, all players who sweated red during their time at the club. Through anecdotes, interviews, eye-witness accounts and terrace chants, White builds an unmissable portrait of a team awash with everything fans look for in their heroes: loyalty, skill, passion and the ability to sink 20 pints a night. In short, a team of red dreams and blue nightmares.
  • Mainstream Publishing
  • Published 29th October 1998
  • 192 Pages
  • 132mm x 197mm x 19mm
  • 240g
  • £7.99