• "'Mitch knows more totally useless things about useless subjects than anybody on Earth'"

    Chris Tarrant
  • "...the wonderfully entitled How to Avoid Wombat's Bum ...As for why you want to avoid a wombat's the book and find out."

    Kati Nicholl, The Daily Express
  • "...offers hours of fun for anyone over 10 who loves trivia."

    Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times
  • "...there's the irresistably named How to Avoid Wombat's Bum by Mitchell Symons. This is a goldmine of facts to brighten up your life plus unexplained events...And why the title? Oh, there is a reason and you''ll have to buy the book to find out."

    Caroline Franklin, Newbury Weekly News
  • "...essential, interesting and also trivial facts..."

    Children's Bookseller