• "Right here we see the red lines that many Chinese still draw for themselves in public discourse, or even privately, the boundaries they dare not cross even today. No other style of storytelling could have exhibited them with more clarity or greater rawness"

    The Times
  • "An incredibly moving and ambitious collection... There is a great deal of light in this powerful book"

  • "Another excellent book...ambitious"

    Literary Review
  • "These stories are often heart-rending, but are recounted in a very self-effacing way by the subjects themselves... [The book] is deeply engaging and focuses almost exclusively on issues and experiences rarely discussed in China or elsewhere. It takes people to places they would not otherwise have been able to go: into the minds of previously silent witnesses... a stunning insight into its [China's] people"

  • "If you loved Jung Chang's Wild Swans you'll love this book"

    Image magazine