• "Both a serious meditation on masculinity and commercial power...and a rollicking of Karnezis will not be disappointed. Marco is a huge and splendidly flawed hero for a five-star novel"

    The Times
  • "Such careful and subtle patterning confirms Karnezis as a novelist of unusual gifts"

    Financial Times
  • "Karnezis's wise fable gestures towards a dawning era, in which vacuous yet powerful celebrity finds its ultimate apotheosis"

  • "In prose as clear as the Mediterranean Sea...this is a richly detailed portrait of a man who could so easily have been sketched as a cartoon villain. It's a story about the power of stories themselves, and the countless ways we can all rewrite our pasts and twist our futures"

    Daily Mail
  • "The reader grows to love his detestable characters and this, along with the way he takes the mundane and cranks it up into madness, is the secret of Karnezis' appeal"

    Independent on Sunday