• "A swift kick up the backside to some of modern literature's most iconic works. Accurate, merciless and very, very funny"

    Sarah Waters
  • "I've read all these books at least twice - and now I've read John Crace's digested versions I wonder why I bothered"

    Will Self
  • "A genius and a madman. The meanest, funniest parodist alive"

    Joanna Briscoe
  • "For the last 10 years [Crace's] 'Digested Reads' have been reason enough to buy the Guardian. Taking a well-known novel, he gives a brief distillation of the plot while capturing - often perfectly - the tone of its author. At the same time, he jabs a sharpened elbow into their pomposities and limitations"

  • "Beautifully observed and poisonously cruel ... laugh-out-loud funny"

    The Lady