• "If genius is operating anywhere in English poetry at present, I feel it is here, in Burnside's singular music"

    Adam Thorpe, Observer
  • "I love the way John Burnside looks at the world. He doesn't just look: he watches. He sees into secret spaces that lie somewhere between the hidden and the revealed... [He] crafts a poetry as precise in its detail, as subtle in its perceptions, as respectful in its attentions as the blade of a brain surgeon's scalpel"

    Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times
  • "A stunningly good writer of poetry and fiction"

    Christina Patterson, Independent
  • "The new appearance of a collection of John Burnside's poems is now an event... His has become a voice we rely on; he is a shaman-cum-seer who finds a lucid magic in the ordinary, a life of implication in passing moments, an X-ray truth, an inner light in our daily lives"

    Tom Adair, Scotland on Sunday
  • "Burnside has a stillness and emotional restraint, a respect for the observer and observed alike which is serious, exemplary and rare"

    Times Literary Supplement