Bansi O'Hara and the Edges of Halloween

John Dougherty

Bansi O'Hara returns in a fast-paced, funny and frightening adventure. She could be excused for wanting a quiet life after the events of THE BLOODLINE PROPHECY, where an ancient prophecy from the land of the faeries nearly made her come a cropper at the hands of their Dark Lord. But back into Tir na n'Og she must go - this time to rescue her mum, who is being held captive as a bride for the Dread Cruach. Helped (and often hindered) by Granny and her bickering pal Nora Mullarkey, can Bansi defeat this most sinister of sprites?
  • Yearling
  • Published 1st September 2011
  • 416 Pages
  • 130mm x 194mm x 26mm
  • 279g
  • £5.99