• "Thought-provoking as well as fun, this is Pratchett at his most philosophical, with characters and situations sprung from ideas and games with language. And it celebrates the joy of the moment"

    Nicolette Jones, The Times
  • "Nation has profound, subtle and original things to say about the interplay between tradition and knowledge, faith and questioning. . . . It's funny, exciting, lighthearted and, like all the best comedy, very serious"

    Frank Cottrell Boyce, Guardian
  • "Pratchett's immensely entertaining new young adult novel, manages to be both thought-provoking and sweet. . . . At times Nation reads like Philip Pullman but with less anger and more jokes, and a bit more ambiguity. . . . It's a wonderful story, by turns harrowing and triumphant"

    James Hynes, The New York Times
  • "Terry Pratchett is an indisputable one-off . . . Nothing he writes is ever predictable - except that it will always be gloriously readable"

    Nicholas Tucker, Independent
  • "An ebullient and entertaining novel of ideas"