• "One of the finest lyric poets of our century"

    John Burnside
  • "Michael Longley is a lyric poet with perfect pitch. His formal elegance seems effortless...he is a master in an old, great tradition"

    Elaine Feinstein, The Times
  • "In his truest and most enduring poems, Longley manages, in Yeats's words, to hold justice and reality in a single thought without doing violence to either. The many poems in which Longley succeeds in this aim are among the great poems of our time"

    David Wheatley, Guardian
  • "Longley's war poetry can stand comparison with the best of this century"

  • "Longley's poems count the phenomena of the natural world with the particular deliberate pleasure of a lover's fingers wandering along the bumpy path of the vertebrae"

    Seamus Heaney