• "Geras's ability to weave a touching new tale in with the well-known one is unique to modern children's authors; Dido is a shining new jewel to her crown. An excellent children's novel"

    Amanda Craig, The Times
  • "A perfect maelstrom of love, jealousy, fate and caprice . . . Dido is right up there with some of the other masterful retellings of myth and legend"

    Jill Murphy, The Bookbag
  • "An absolute must, this retelling of a classic brings together all the thrilling elements of a deadly love story. Full of passion, mysticism and betrayal"

    Now Magazine
  • "As always with Adele Geras's work, the characters walk off the page, she brings the place wonderfully to life, you can hear the sounds and smell the scents - and it's another page-turner"

    Leslie Wilson Blog
  • "Roman gods and goddesses walk among the human characters, giving the story an effective other-worldly feeling . . . Demanding but rewarding"

    Jewish Chronicle