• "Very tense, with red herrings aplenty and a goodly dollop of humour"

    The Bookbag
  • "McGann mixes science, politics and history and raises many moral issues. He manages it all with a wonderful lightness of touch and superb control of an ever-evolving story that grows in complexity with every chapter but somehow never becomes confusing to the reader"

    Inis Magazine
  • "The Wisdom of Dead Men is an explosive fantasy read, set in the Victorian era. It opens with a gripping spontaneous combustion and the action never lets up"

    Irish Independent
  • "A rollicking, steampunk adventure . . . I couldn't put it down"

    Irish Times
  • "He reveals lush detail as he builds a fascinating world for his characters to inhabit but never gets bogged down in self-indulgent minutiae and his characters, even the bit-part players, are always fully rounded and believable"

    Sci-fi London