• "A gripping, bloody narrative."

    BBC History magazine
  • "A powerful, lightning-paced tale of the Norsemen in England; an astonishing and riveting debut"

    Bernard Cornwell
  • "An unabashed carnival of bloodletting, betrayal and rough sex...Kristian has a knack for writing real blokes living their lives"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Plenty of interest for fans of Norse tales, with battles galore and the promise of more to come"

    Daily Mail
  • "A gripping tale of action and treachery which splendidly conjures up the sounds, sights and smells of Dark Age Britain. It creates a believable world of men fighting, feasting and braving the sea, a time when the Christian and Norse gods were very real and very close in the thoughts of mankind. It leaves the reader keen for the sequel"

    Harry Sidebottom, author of Warrior of Rome