• "A quite brilliant piece of writing. Here in a single volume we have a first-rate expose of two of the war's best known commanders... if Caddick-Adams were a landscape painter his book would be the equivalent of Monet, full of rich intriguing colours and patterns. The resultant effect is spectacular, and Caddick-Adams is to be congratulated on his achievement ... a brilliant book written with passion and verve."

    Robert Lyman for BBC History Magazine Book of the Month
  • "A compelling study of two of the Second World War's best known commanders. Peter Caddick-Adams writes with authority and a deep knowledge of both his subjects and the two world wars in which they fought. He has produced an utterly absorbing and hugely entertaining book that will provide a new benchmark on how we view these two divisive generals."

    James Holland
  • "Peter Caddick-Adam's comparison of two entwined careers is full of penetrating new insights, illuminated by a clear understanding of the world wars. This impressive book will undoubtedly prove one of the best military histories of the year"

    Richard Holmes
  • "Intriguing study of General Bernard Montgomery and Erwin Rommel ... discursive ... highly rewarding book."

  • "Distinguished military historian Caddick-Adams has achieved a first by entwining biographies of two WW2 adversaries, field marshals Montgomery and Rommel ... Caddick-Adams makes good use of personal memoirs to make his book an exciting character-driven read and it an excellent example of how the personal experience of war can create great and yet humane generals. First class history"

    Military Illustrated