• "He is the poet among modern ecologists, a natural philosopher who , whether he is writing about trees or rainbows, an iceberg or a piece of chalk, never takes a fact without linking it to an idea, or an idea without connecting it to a fact. His book dispenses information in the language of the imagination, and by peeling back the film by which everything appears dully familiar, reveals a vision of the world miraculously transfigured"

    Michael Holroyd, The Times
  • "Collis' divine gift is to explain the extraordinary nature of the ordinary"

    Sunday Times
  • "A philosopher who had a shining view of the natural world, and was able to divine the magic inherent in phenomena so commonplace that we take them for granted"

  • "These jottings establish the man as one of the greatest recorders of English agricultural life"

    Val Hennessey, Daily Mail
  • "A little classic"

    The Oldie

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