• "One is reminded of vintage Bill Bryson...O'Connor is an engaging fellow, an affable kind of chap who could make a cross-continent Greyhound bus ride pass in a jiffy"

  • "A fabulously droll, unsentimental, and craic-laden report on the haunts of the Gael taking in a wide range of political and historical references along its way. Many of the people the authors meets are so doggedly Irish they make him feel like an Englishman at a Sinn Fein rally, which gives the book a fascinating air of being a report from a doubly foreign land"

    Glasgow Herald
  • "He has written a book full of laughs and smiles, skillfully basted with well-brewed blarney"

    New York Times
  • "The laureate of the rising Irish generation, he combines that demotic wit of Roddy Doyle, the social concern of Dermot Bolger and the structural guile of Colm Toibin. A signficant writer of a very contemporary kind"

    Irish Times
  • "O'Connor holds up a mirror to the America that we see but don't often notice"

    San Francisco Chronicle