• "These are wonderful books from a wonderfully inventive writer and illustrator"

    Philip Ardagh, The Big Issue
  • "

    A delightful story with a funny end. This is a delightful book that shoots off on a captivating adventure. In much the same way young children's play takes fast, imaginative and sometimes bizarre twists, this book does the same as dog creates a cast of crazy characters and sets off on a journey.
    The illustrations are fab and duck's final creation at the end a laugh out loud moment.


    Chopsy Baby,
  • "Even in a golden age for illustrated children's books, Louise Yates stands out as a superb artist and storyteller"

    A. N. Wilson, Reader's Digest
  • "A fun and suspenseful story in itself. But the real joy of this picture book is that it is so inspiring. It is illustrated in pencil crayon (with a touch of watercolour) and every image is a work in progress, suggesting the potential for any reader to follow suit. And there is comedy in the pictures"

    Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times
  • "Dog Loves Drawing shows a much-loved character in a whole new light."

    Maternity and Infant magazine