• "Not only a brilliantly fluent storyteller but also an ironic commentator on the world scene"

    Harpers & Queen
  • "Shute was a brilliant storyteller and a terrific example for any writer"

    Gerald Seymour, Daily Express
  • "As a novelist, Nevil Shute goes from strength to strength, experimenting, drawing out life as he sees it, and setting it before us in ordered pattern...The Chequer Board is a notable novel"

  • "Blessed with an unaffected poplar touch, Shute has come close to the sentiment of his readers not only through a very genuine quality of sympathy but also through a singular ease and liveliness of topical invention...he is a storyteller of an uncommonly veracious stamp, whose performance is more remarkable that his quiet and refreshing modest airs might suggest"

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "A happy knack endows this story with a character who is slightly greater than life-size. It proves once again how the ordinary, the average, the season-ticket holder sitting next to you, can still, in the hands of an expert, furnish the very stuff of literature"

    John Pudney, Daily Express