• "Beginners is unlikely to replace What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Instead, it will be in dialogue with it, because the story has no end: there will always be afterthoughts"

    Sarah Churchwell, Guardian
  • "Hopefully, thanks to Gallagher, every small, vital nuance, every moving observation, each choice of word as Carver wrote it, is there to be seen; that is why Carver cared enough to begin setting it right, and others have now finished the task"

    Eileen Battersby, Irish Times
  • "An extraordinary book, more generous and rambling in tone than its distilled counterpart"

    Tim Adams, Observer
  • "The most interesting book of the year"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "an extraordinary book, and probably the most influential story collection of the past 30 years"

    Tim Adams, Observer