Gardeners' World: Pests and Diseases

David Hurrion

You can pour your heart and soul into creating a beautiful garden for recreation and relaxation, only to have it ruined by a legion of bugs, weeds, diseases and mould. Using this handy compact guide from the team at Britain's best-selling gardening magazine, you can finally fight back - from initial prevention and protection for your plants and lawn, to spotting the early warning signs and knowing how best to act to save your garden from decay.

Using easy step-by-step guides and helpful tips from the experts at Gardeners' World, you can identify advanced problems and recognize the beginnings of a rot, and can learn the most efficient and eco-friendly ways of dealing with many of the issues that can plague a seemingly healthy plot. From coping with insect invasions and persistent weeds to halting widespread viruses and nurturing sickly plants, Gardeners' World: Pests and Diseases can help you to identify and understand problems, and give you the upper hand in the battle to protect your garden.

  • BBC Books
  • Published 18th March 2010
  • 216 Pages
  • 136mm x 155mm x 13mm
  • 274g
  • £4.99