• "What follows is nothing short of epic... Robin's drawings of Yeremin's journey, in sombre shades of blue, black and grey, are truly haunting: the contours of his cheekbones; the waterless, windless surface of his destination. Bedtime moon-gazing will never be quite the same again."

    The Observer
  • "It's graphic novels such as Ascent that truly make the medium come alive as a form of storytelling ... Ascent is utterly gripping."

    Dog Ear Discs Blog
  • "Mercurio's writing has a grim, understated poetry, and illustrator Robins takes us from Korean dogfights to the silence of a Soviet rocket with effortless skill."

  • "A hugely enjoyable adventure story...the book builds towards a climax of truly mind-bending peril."

    Dazed and Confused
  • "Nothing short of stunning: Mercutio and Robins have done a superb job of translating the novel into this format, preserving what was so good about the book and dynamically enhancing it."

    Ben Johncock

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