• "Arnaldur Indridason's new novel, Outrage, is further evidence that he's one of the most brilliant crime writers of his generation"

    Sunday Times
  • "Such stately, well-mannered entertainment is not to be sniffed at"

  • "That rugged Icelandic glacier, Detective Erlendur, is away from Reykjavik and a disturbing case is handled by his female sidekick, Elinborg. The female perspective crates a different kind of novel from those built around Arnaldur Indridason's withdrawn and isolated loner. Here we have a detective worrying about her family while handling with sensitivity the victims of a serial rapist"

  • "Indridason is one of the best of the new European authors coming into English, right up there with Henning Mankell and Karen Fossum"

    Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail
  • "Inspector Erlendur is one of the most compassionate detectives to come this way in a long time"

    New York Times