• "This is a dark book, with a dark vision of contemporary Israel… The whole, rich, disturbing mixture makes one feel as if something dark is digging away at the foundations, something unnameable ready to emerge. It is one of the most powerful books you will read about present-day Israel."

    David Herman, Jewish Chronicle
  • "These stories have both force and mystery, and they cast a quiet spell"

    Scotland on Sunday
  • "A powerfully bleak portrait of loneliness, confusion and cracked bonds"

    The Times
  • "These stories, in their humanity, may do more for Israel than any of the decisions we have been led to expect of its leaders in the months to come"

    New Statesman
  • "I enjoyed Amos Oz's Scenes From Village Life a great deal... it explores what is universal, what is entirely idiosyncratic, about daily life in Israel away from the obvious conflicts"

    Kate Kellaway, Observer