• "Mr Osborne is a superb travel writer, one who, like Evelyn Waugh, can size up a locale at almost a glance. This intoxicating book has political as well as sensual overtones"

    Dwight Garner, New York Times
  • "Transcends mere travelogue: leached out, amused, slightly weary…The result is one of those ‘but’ books that insert an awkward little wedge into the Western media’s otherwise monolithic and clichéd view of Islam."

    James Hamilton-Paterson
  • "His travels and his erudite understanding of drink make a good read"

    Douglas Osler, Scotsman
  • "Funny and provocative"

    Scott Bradfield, Times Literary Supplement
  • "Anyone interested in the global culture of drink will be captivated by Lawrence Osborne's travel narrative... Mr Osborne is a perspicacious, knowing guide, and a maker of arrestingly beautiful sentences"

    Rosie Schaap, New York Times