• "Angelmaker is another cracking book from Nick Harkaway. It’s a mix of sci-fi, steampunk, adventure and romance and the mix of genres work really well together … Harkaway’s Angelmaker is a brilliant piece of escapism. It’s a wonderful example of how an irreverent approach to much loved genres can lead to a truly great story."

  • "Splendid cornucopia of a novel"

    The Big Issue (Wales)
  • "This brilliant, boundless mad genius of a book runs on its own frenetic energy, and bursts with infinite wit, inventive ambition and damn fine storytelling. You finish reading it in gape-mouthed awe and breathless admiration, having experienced something very special indeed."

    Matt Haig, author of The Radleys
  • "You're in for a treat... Dickens meets Mervyn Peake in a modern Mother London."

    William Gibson
  • "“In a gravelly yet gleeful voice, Weyman narrates this swashbuckling genre-blend of spies, gangsters, and a doomsday machine. The lavish and imaginative story of Joe Spork, a clockmaker out of his depth as he attempts to save the world, is brilliantly realized through Weyman’s attention to inflection, characterization and pacing.”"

    The Listen List for Outstanding Audiobook Narration 2013 - American Library Association Reference & User Services Association