• Rousing legacy filler. Tracing the rise of Vito Corleone’s New York crime family, it won’t disappoint fans.

  • Falco ably exploits the tension between civility and brutality. The result is good, messy fun.

  • [C]hannels the original so well that readers will be vividly reminded of Puzo’s strengths . . . His moments of blam-blam-blam are ace. Best of all, he supplies a grand set-piece finale--a parade-that will leave readers dreaming of just one more movie.

  • Falco’s depiction of Vito Corleone captures both the cool reserve of young Vito and the insight he demonstrates as Don. A worthy addition to the lurid world of the Five Families.

  • Falco’s solid Godfather prequel fills in the backstory of the iconic New York City Mafia family . . . Puzo fans will find this a refreshing change from the inferior sequels.

    Publisher's Weekly

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