• "<p>Warm, funny, thoughtful, sometimes grumpy. An absolute joy.<br>+ in Country Life: <br>I snorted with laughter…<i>The Road to Little Dribbling</i> is consistently and unendingly fabulous…I intend on buying a copy for everyone I know.</p>"

    Clare Balding
  • "Fans should expect to chuckle, snort, snigger, grunt, laugh out loud and shake with recognition…a clotted cream and homemade jam scone of a treat."

    Sunday Times
  • "Is it the funniest travel book I’ve read all year? Of course it is."

    Daily Telegraph
  • "There were moments when I snorted out loud with laughter while reading this book in public…He can be as gloriously silly as ever."

    The Times
  • "Bryson has no equal. He combines the charm and humour of Michael Palin with the cantankerousness of Victor Meldrew and the result is a benign intolerance that makes for a gloriously funny read."

    Daily Express