• "

    [A] very cool story.


    Writing Through Rose Tinted Glasses
  • "This was a great beach read and I love Chase and Kels!"

    —Paranormal Wastelands
  • "Cassie Mae’s writing is fresh and original, making for an utterly enjoyable read with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. You’ll be nose to toes in love with this book!"

    Rachel Morgan, author of the Creepy Hollow series
  • "[Friday Night Alibi is] a funny story and well worth the read. If you’re looking for something that is quick and light-hearted then I would recommend this to you."

    —Sharon’s Book Nook
  • "Cassie Mae knows how to write, and write she does! You definitely do not want to miss Friday Night Alibi!"

    —Le Book Squirrel (five stars)