• "Switched is a brilliant read that keeps you laughing, and sighing, and frustrated, and loving it!"

    Rachel Schieffelbein, author of Run for the Roses
  • "Switched was a mixture of heartfelt honesty and laugh-out-loud moments. Wesley and Kayla’s journey is one you can’t miss and will want to be on, cheering from the sidelines as they mess up and make up. I couldn’t get enough of these two."

    Theresa Paolo, author of (Never) Again
  • "Cassie Mae’s books have become my latest guilty pleasure. Pleasure, because who doesn’t love to read a romantic comedy? And I say guilty because when I lay my hands on one, I tend to read them in one sitting and let all my other responsibilities go to the wayside. What dishes?”"

    Pauline Creeden, author of Sanctuary
  • "Five stars . . . but as usual deserving of far more!"

    Le Book Squirrel
  • "I absolutely loved Switched. I found it cute, funny, goofy, and downright sigh-inducing."

    The Shadow Realm