• Red Rain is a slam-bang, stay-up-all-night, leave-the-lights-on thriller. R.L. Stine has scared out kids for years. Now it's our turn . . .

    Harlan Coben
  • This is a sophisticated thriller with real characters, crisp writing, and a wicked sense of humour. Keep this book far, far away from your kids.

    Douglas Preston
  • Ready to be haunted by the master? Red Rain proves he's got nightmares for us all

    Brad Meltzer
  • Leave the lights on and the door locked. R.L. Stine is now scaring the bejeezus out of grown-ups. Red Rain will put goose bumps on even the toughest adult

    Kathy Reichs
  • [T]he pacing couldn't be more perfect as the plot unwinds at a steady speed that maintains plausibility. Stine has written a really scary book, where seemingly impossible situations occur, yet, somehow, he makes them believable

    Huffington Post

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