• "A captivating, funny and beautifully imagined fable"

    Beth Jones, Sunday Telegraph
  • "Startlingly eloquent example of the games a fine storyteller can play"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "A beautiful book... It's like a bridge, built between generations, fabulous and strange and from the heart"

    Neil Gaiman
  • "A bustling and minutely imagined fabular landscape, crammed with allegorical figures and places...its exuberance is inextricably linked to its profligacy with puns, rhymes, one liners and snippets of nonsense... It captures brilliantly that moment when adults enrapture children by behaving like children themselves"

    Alex Clark, Guardian
  • "A playful, inventive statement to a son, a story of growing up and imminent self-awareness, a tale of magic"

    Susan Rice, Sunday Herald, Christmas round up