• "It’s beautifully written"

    Victoria Hislop, Good Housekeeping
  • "A very smart, soulful, compelling, elegantly written domestic novel"

    Nick Hornby, Observer
  • "Francesca Segal is incisive on modern lives, penetrating and thoughtful - and yet always joyfully entertaining and stylishly readable."

    Naomi Alderman
  • "Segal’s wit and intelligence are entirely her own and the moral dilemmas of her characters could not be more modern… Segal has a superb eye for the lies that the middle-aged lovers tell themselves, and they are jolted back to reality when it all goes spectacularly wrong. It is nearly a tragedy, but not quite; she’s just too funny"

    Kate Saunders, The Times
  • "Elegant… an entertaining look at the messy business of trying to be in a family in emotionally trying circumstances… Irresistible"

    Eithne Farry, Mail on Sunday
  • "A story that is equal parts hilarious and devastating"

  • "Francesa Segal is precise and funny, and The Awkward Age is brimming with keen observations of the highest order--the clever, the sore, and the sublime."

    Emma Straub
  • "Segal… is a sharp observer of the tribulations of teenage love and modern relationships. Particularly strong on how blind parents are towards their ghastly offspring’s flaws, this book is a lively, quick-witted performance"

    The Sunday Times
  • "In Francesca Segal’s magnificent new novel The Awkward Age, romantic and parental love go head to head, stress-testing loyalties and bonds with heartbreaking consequences… GeniusAn impressively nuanced and convincing portrait of maternal love… a painful delight to read, invoking a perfectly balanced oscillation between compassion and frustration"

    Lucy Scholes, Independent
  • "Themes of non-nuclear family life, the everyday fractures and renovations inherent to relationships of any kind, amid moments of pitch-perfect comic tension… Segal navigates these re-drawn battle lines with skill and sensitivity… There is no precise time, we are reminded, at which life becomes less tangled, at which personalities are formed as in aspic: we can see that all ages are awkward, but some are more awkward than others"

    Zoë Apostolides, Financial Times