• "Her ability to create interesting, lovable characters who navigate 9 to 12-year-olds through key moments in history is unmatched"

    The Times
  • "Oh my goodness! Opal Plumstead is Jacqueline Wilson's 100th book! That's prolific, right? I first discovered her work when I read The Illustrated Mum. It made me laugh. It made me cry. And, more than anything else, it felt truthful. I've been a fan ever since. So I'm proud to be reviewing her centenary story . . . [Opal is] a fabulous central character - bright and sparky and an original thinker . . . You can't help but root for her as she beats her own path through a rapidly changing world with real heart and determination . . . Oh, and it reads like a breeze. Of course. What else would you expect?"

    Jill Murphy, The Bookbag