• "This novel is a powerful return, after a 10-year gap, for Whitbread-winning Hendry . . . With a surprising denouement, this is an intriguing, atmospheric and memorable tale"

    Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times
  • "A dark and memorable novel . . . This wise and unsettling tale will captivate discerning readers of any age. The book builds to a dark, destructive ending, but what you remember are the memorable, finely drawn and vivid characters - and the fractured time in which they are growing up"

  • "This thoughtful, rather lyrical story resonates with topical and timeless references"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "The pacing is perfect, with highly dramatic moments broken up by some gorgeous prose . . . One of the most dramatic and shocking endings I've ever read in a novel . . . definitely my favourite read of 2012 so far"

    Writing From The Tub
  • "An intense, eerie tale"

    Fiona Noble, The Bookseller