• "Unforgettable"

    Stephen Abell, Sunday Telegraph
  • "The Dark Road follows the river-borne escape of fugitives from the one-child policy. An ill-matched couple’s flight along anarchic backwaters leads them into a raw, brutal, brilliantly depicted boom-time underworld"

    Boyd Tonkin, Independent
  • "[Ma Jian’s] characterization is superb… A devastating critique of China’s oppressive communist regime"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "A writer of rare orgininality... All of Ma’s skill and playfulness are on display as the novel builds to a climax in which Meili is forced to question her very right to exist in this fragile, ever-changing new world"

    Tash Aw, Guardian
  • "One of China’s most prominent dissident voices addresses the bleak effects of the one-child policy in this striking novel, in which the brutality of social engineering is made graphically plain. Ma Jian’s work is banned in China; this unflinching portrait of one woman’s struggle against oppression makes it sadly easy to understand why"

    New Statesman