• "A charming book...elegantly written"

    Alexei Sayle, Telegraph
  • "Holroyd’s elegant little essays are a pleasure to read...these are witty, quotable jeux d’esprit"

    Nick Rennison, Sunday Times
  • "A great Christmas present for those hurtling towards their driving test… A subtle delight"

    The Lady
  • "Jolly, illustrated salute to the cars in his own life and the lives he has biographised in a long literary career. Lovely. Toot! Toot!"

    Iain Finlayson, The Times
  • "A delightful memoir-cum-social history which is wry, self-deprecating and anything but stuffy… his elegant musings provide an ideal festive pick-me-up, compact enough to fit in a stocking, and packing enough pep to burn any rival off the road"

    Andrew Lycett, Sunday Telegraph