• "Others may try, but nobody comes close to Aiken in writing sequels to Jane Austen"

    Publishers Weekly
  • "Fun to read, an affectionate tribute, and companion volume to the original, Joan Aiken's novel will intrigue and entertain"

    Daily Mail
  • "Here's a treat for the reader - Aiken's view of Jane Fairfax where the darker side of Regency life is reflected, and Emma is only a minor character - something that would have annoyed that self-important young lady. Great fun"

    The Times
  • "Jane Fairfax can't fail to charm and intrigue with its deft array of anticipations and explanations of what really went on"

  • "The great achievement of the book is not to let the lovers find each other, but to have Jane and Emma learn they should have been friends"

    New York Times